Institute for Global Health

The Institute for Global Health (IGH) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) is a collaborative research and treatment development effort between numerous arms of the UMSOM, including professors from the Center for Vaccine Development and the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. The IGH will focus on vaccine development and malaria research, and will house both the Center for Vaccine Development and the newly formed Center for Malaria Research.

The goal of the IGH is to further work in the fields of malaria research and vaccine development. The progress of the IGH will add to the School of Medicine's global health efforts, including research and treatment facilities in Mali, Chile, Malawi, and Myanmar.

A donation to the IGH builds upon the School of Medicine's work on malaria and vaccine development and pushes forward research and treatment development being done around the world by School of Medicine physicians.

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  • Jake & Darya L.
  • Heidi F.
    Congratulations Karen on your retirement!
  • Karen and Graham B.
    To my friends at Ndirande Blantyre Malaria Project. I love you all and will miss coming to audit. Until we meet again. Karen and Graham Ball
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    Happy Retirement Karen! It was a pleasure to work with you at CVD.
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    We will miss you Karen! Enjoy your time of leisure.
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    Karen, I will miss you so much! The office won't be the same without you! I wish you every happiness in this new, super fun chapter of your life!
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    In honor of Miriam Laufer and Patrick Daniels' wedding
  • Lorraine B.
    Congratulations Miriam and Patrick on your marriage. Wishing you much happiness always.
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    Mazel Tov Miriam & Patrick! Best wishes for a long happy life together. We so sorry we aren't able to celebrate with you. Love Terry & Shmee
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    Congratulations on your wedding, Miriam and Patrick!!!
    Mazel-Tov Miriam & Patrick! Best wishes for a happy & healthy life together. Uncle Nate
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    Mazel-Tov Miriam & Patrick! Wishing you much love & happiness. We are honored to make a contribution to this worthy project. Avi & Marsha Sussman
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    Congratulations Miriam and Patrick!
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    Miriam & Patrick Wishing you Mazel Tov on you marriage. May you have a long and happy life together. Lori & Barry Sussman
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    In honour of Miriam and Patrick's marriage, we are pleased to support another wonderful partnership! Love, Elaine and Robert Lambert
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    Huge Thank-You to Miriam Laufer for advising Sarah Bourdova's thesis research!
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  • Lauren C.
    Congratulations to all 5!!
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    Happy to support this fantastic project! And congratulations to Miriam and Patrick! Alan and Pilar
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    Mazel Tov, Miriam and Patrick! Much Love, Jake, Darya and Rosalie
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    Congratulations Miriam and Patrick!
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    Congratulations to Miriam and Patrick! From Erik, Ingrid, Naomi and Matt
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    It's a pleasure to make this contribution in honor of the happy couple!
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    Ad maiora! I wish you guys all the best
  • Gita S.
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    with all our love to Patrick and Dr. (Miriam) Shu and our best wishes for great work to come by the MD-Malawi Partnership. Gita, Soma, Azadi, Aman
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    Congratulations Miriam and Patrick
  • Heidi F.
    Congratulations to you and Patrick!
  • Jennifer F.
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    We thank the Maryland-Malawi collaboration for all of the great work you do to reduce the enormous burden of disease due to malaria. Jake and Jen