Master's of Genetic Counseling Training Program Fund

The Master's of Genetic Counseling Training Program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is committed to the education and clinical training of genetic counseling students who learn about the complex legal, ethical, and psychosocial issues inherent in the field.

The students who began the Master's of Genetic Counseling Training Program in fall 2016 are the 20th matriculating class -- a landmark occasion for this nationally well-respected program, which recently received a full re-accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling.

How can you help?

The Master's of Genetic Counseling Training Program Fund will support the needs of students enrolled in the program by offering scholarship support and other programmatic development. Your donation allows the program to attract the best and brightest individuals to the field of genetic counseling so they can become outstanding genetic counselors and leaders in the field.

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Office of Development
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Supported by 33 Donations:

  • Chris C.
  • Alyssa B.
    Alyssa B. '16
    Proud of a great program!
  • Lisa S.
    I Gave $90
    Congratulations to faculty, staff and students of the MGC program for this awesome accomplishment! Best of luck in the future to all of you.
  • Natalie B.
  • Megan  L.
    Megan L. '06
    I Gave $200
    Proud to be an alum of such a fantastic training program! Keep up the great work!
  • Frank M. C.
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '16
  • Patrick S.
    Proud to be an alum of such a wonderful program!
  • Beth D.
    I Gave $100
    I am thrilled to support this fantastic training program! Congratulations to everyone involved with this UMD MGC Program! xoxo
  • Liz C.
    Liz C. '17
  • Pam R.
    I Gave $50
    My brother has FragileX Syndrome and my childhood friend, Shannan DeLany Dixon is celebrating her 13th anniversary as Program Director!
  • Rio S.
    Congrats to the MGC program on your 20th anniversary!
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $50
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '14
    I Gave $25
  • Laura K.
    Laura K. '07
    I Gave $50
  • Rebecca M.
    A thank you to my Alma mater
  • Shannan D.
    Thank you to everyone who supports the MGC Program. We continue to be humbled by the commitment of the community to the success of the MGC Program.
  • Alan S.
  • Jessica S.
    Great work MGC!
  • David S.
    I Gave $50
    I am happy to make a contribution in recognition of a very importand group of our professional colleagues.
  • Virginia C.
    I Gave $100
    Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!
  • Christy C.
  • Ada H.
    I Gave $100
    Keep up the great work. UMD trained counselors are wonderful!
  • Tony  A.
    I Gave $250
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '00
  • Jodie v.
    Jodie v. '08
    Keep up the great work MGC Program!
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  • Linda J.
    I Gave $500
  • Vicki T.
  • Toni P.