$60K for 60 Years!

Help make Lecture Hall 219 a gathering place fit for the PTRS community!

PTRS celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2016, and thanks to donations from generous alumni and friends, was able to improve Lecture Hall 219! Lecture Hall 219 is a central location for the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science for meetings, lectures, and events, but the room wasn't what it used to be. The uncomfortable seating, small tables, and overall wear and tear were difficult to navigate both for students taking exams and alumni attending continuing education courses. Support from PTRS alumni allowed for the renovation of the chairs and the installation of new technology, including two new monitors.

How can you help?

Ongoing support is needed to maintain the renovations in Lecture Hall 219, including new chairs, tables, and technology, for future generations of the PTRS community. Your investment in the renovation project inspires PTRS students, alumni members, and friends.

Thank you for your gifts to improve the space and ensure that it remains a place where students learn and collaborate every day!

Supported by 76 Donations: