Brodie Distinguished Professorship in Cancer Research

The Drs. Angela and Harry Brodie Distinguished Professorship in Translational Cancer Research

Brodie Distinguished Professorship in Cancer Research A Project of School of Medicine Professorships

A Silent Hero in the Battle Against Cancer

There are nearly 3 million survivors of breast cancer in the United States today. Though few know the name, Dr. Angela M. Hartley Brodie, countless women and their families have benefitted from the cancer therapies that resulted from her groundbreaking research.

Dr. Brodie has served on the faculty in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine for more than 30 years. Her research has revolutionized the treatment and outcomes of breast cancer worldwide.

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While conducting research at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Dr. Brodie, together with her husband, Dr. Harry Brodie, began developing inhibitors of aromatase, the key enzyme in estrogen synthesis. Dr. Brodie focused on these inhibitors as a paradigm-shifting therapeutic approach to block the body's ability to make estrogen.

The ultimate development of this new class of drugs greatly expanded the arsenal of chemotherapeutics, providing patients with multiple effective options that push their cancers into long-term or permanent remission, while often sparing them the ordeal of permanently disfiguring surgeries.

Today, Dr. Brodie continues her work as a silent hero, expanding the scope of her research to the role of hormones in the recurrence of prostate cancer. For the more than 240,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, promising new therapies will be available because of Dr. Brodie.

Sustaining Dr. Brodie's legacy and impact rests with the next generation of cancer investigators. Through an endowed distinguished professorship, the School of Medicine will be able to support the work of a talented scientist to effectively advance cancer biology research to the next level, including prevention, diagnoses, and treatment.

How can you help?

The University of Maryland School of Medicine is seeking to recognize and honor Dr. Angela Brodie by raising $2.5 million from friends, former trainees, grateful patients, and businesses to establish an endowed distinguished professorship. The individual awarded this distinguished professorship will have exhibited extraordinary promise as a transcendent researcher poised to have a transformative impact on cancer care.

You are invited to participate in this effort with a gift to support The Drs. Angela and Harry Brodie Distinguished Professorship in Translational Cancer Research. By doing so, you will recognize the leadership and dedication of Dr. Brodie, advance the pace of scientific discovery at the School of Medicine, and bolster the School's reputation for academic excellence, path-breaking research, and leading-edge patient care. Thank you!

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