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Trish Reilly Lung Healing Fund A Project of School of Medicine - Research

In 2014, 68 year old Philadelphia native Trish Reilly was faced with few options - undergo a lung transplant or face a future confined to oxygen therapy and rapidly diminishing strength. The prospect of a transplant was particularly difficult because Trish and her family had already experienced a heartbreaking loss of her brother, John, from pulmonary fibrosis.

After failing to meet the age criteria of a local transplant center, Trish was referred to Dr. Aldo Iacono at the University of Maryland's Program in Lung Healing and accepted as a transplant candidate. Trish received a single lung transplant in June 2014. A celebration of recovery fundraising event led to the creation of The Trish Reilly Fund for the Program in Lung Healing at University of Maryland School of Medicine.

How can you help?

Your gift to the Trish Reilly Lung Healing Fund will improve future care of patients with pulmonary fibrosis and other advanced lung diseases through research focused in inhaled gene therapies, regenerative strategies, and transplant tolerance without chronic immunosuppression.

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