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Haskins VAD Patient and Family Education Fund A Project of Department of Surgery

Rev. Dr. Bruce Haskins is remembered as a loving father and husband, respected pastor, committed community member, and beloved friend. The Haskins VAD Patient and Family Education Fund honors Dr. Haskins' memory and is a tribute to the care he received for cardiac disease over a 16-year period.

In a letter from Dr. Deborah Haskins, wife of Rev. Dr. Haskins, she explains why the family started this fund:

Bruce always said, "Just do what you got to do."

Well, the Rev. Dr. Bruce F. Haskins VAD Patient and Family Education Fund plans to help families "do what they can do" to survive this journey without being in isolation. We know firsthand that the patient and family faced with this crisis struggles to "just do what you got to do." This is a long journey, but one that can be made lighter with education, practical support during the healing and caregiving process, and hopefully, the journey home to reclaim an independent lifestyle again.

Thank you for your interest and support of this important work in Bruce's memory.

A special message from Joy Haskins as she remembers her father on Father's Day:

Haskins family in hospital

Donuts with Dad.

On January 21, 2016 at around 3:00pm, I watched my father take his last breath. I held his hand and felt his spirit leave his body. I listened to my mother comfort the love of her life while he transitioned from this world to a much better one. I sat there, surrounded by some of our closest family members with his favorite songs playing softly in the background while my father, the strongest man that I've ever known, accepted his forever peace.

In those moments, it felt like I was watching an eerily familiar screenplay take place in front of my eyes. At first, it felt like I took my last breath as he took his. Over the last year I had prayed for him. Fasted and prayed. I cried over his frail body. I fed him and talked to him even when I didn't know if he could understand me. I brushed his teeth and his hair and made sure his nails were neat. I sang him his favorite songs and read to him. I stayed with him at night and watched him sleep.

Though I hadn't accepted it yet, I knew he was dying. And at 26 years old, I had to accept that I will live the rest of my life without my Daddy here with me. He won't be there to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day or meet my future children. I won't be able to ask him for advice when I purchase my first home and I won't see him in the audience when I graduate from college.

There are no words that express how much I miss him and how I will miss his physical presence when I do reach those milestones. But one thing he taught me throughout my whole life is that with God, I am able. My life didn't stop when I lost Joseph. It didn't stop when I lost Reuben. And it didn't stop when I lost my Daddy. Even in my darkest hour, I am able.

Da, Father's Day is coming and you deserve all the donuts. This year I'll have one for you.



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Ventricular assist device (VAD) technology supports hearts by taking over the heart's pumping ability. Your gift to the Haskins VAD Patient and Family Education Fund will provide funding for important educational resources and support for VAD patients and their families before and after surgery and during recuperation.

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