Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Dr. McLaughlin Professorship in Surgery A Project of School of Medicine Professorships

The Department of Surgery at the University of Maryland is dedicated to providing the best surgical services and patient care to patients while providing equal access to the most innovative and progressive medical services available, and to train physicians and other healthcare providers.

The Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship Fund, funded by colleagues, patients and former students, establishes an endowed professorship for "Dr.Mac" that will support generations of distinguished cardiac surgeon-scientists. The Professorship honors Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin and his contributions to the Division of Cardiac Surgery and the Department of Surgery.

How can you help?

A gift to the Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship Fund means recruiting, retaining and rewarding exceptional faculty at the School of Medicine. Endowments allow faculty to invigorate research interests, refine and enhance teaching skills and build bridges to academic disciplines.